Friday, January 1, 2016

Chicken leg love ^^

 Couple T-shirts! You're probably wondering why there's a chicken leg on both T-shirts.. Well the boyfriend here, has a nickname "Kopan" (chicken leg).. In Macedonian it may not sound that strange, especially in our hometown, Bitola because there are aaaaall kinds of fucked up nicknames.
The trouble with these was that they were Simona's(the girlfriend) surprise for the new year, and they had to be done for that night. Her t-shirt was all done, his was too, it just needed to be spray-painted. I did that last part at 18:00h yesterday, so it would be done for the night. I spray-painted the front side.
I felt horrible.
So then I got an idea to experiment with the textile colored powder and the white spray-paint. I had no other choice. I took the risk. I admit I did not do very very great, but for a last moment risk.. I think it turned out okay. And I hope Simona and Stefan think so too. :')

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